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The management has also brought one of their concessions namely PT Bangun Olah Sarana Sukses ( PT. BOS ) into production after few years of conducting exploration activities. PT. BOS has commenced the production in January 2013 and started the first shipment in November 2013 to such big traders as Glencore, Peabody, Avra, Trafigura etc.



Besides ramping up production for PT. BOS, the management has started the exploration activities in few of its concession namely PT PB and PT. EAB.

To date exploration drilling has been conducted on the Concessions (PT BOS, PT PB and PT EAB), resulting in significant resource of thermal coal.



Our high quality coal has enabled our company to successfully export our coal to Japan in June 2015.

Being a very premium market with strict specifications, we are implementing extremely high level of care and quality control in our mining and coal handling process that is acceptable to our Japanese customers.



The company secured an exploration funding from the Japanese government through its investment agency, The Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC) to support exploration in order to enhance our reserves.

To date, The company is the one and only Indonesian coal mining company that has secured such funding from Japan.



The company has secured heavy equipment for ramping up the production.

We will expand and diversify new customer base and new markets for incremental coal volume i.e. Japan, South Korea, USA, Philippines market as well as with develop the cooperation with leading coal player such as Banpu Group, Itochu and Glencore.



PT BOSS plans to start the production for PT PB by early 2018 and expects to achieve an annualized rate of production of over 1 million MT per annum by 2018.

In order to ramp production, BOSS will arrange more heavy equipment to be mobilized to the mine site.

BOSS is currently expanding the operating by expanding our Barge Loading Conveyor (BLC), constructing new crusher, fuel storage, workshop, camp and new facilities, in addition to the existing facilities. The constructions had started in June 2017 and expected to be completed in November 2017.

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